Copyright, the Entertainment Industry and the Internet

Mandag, 22. oktober 2012 - 9:30 til Tirsdag, 23. oktober 2012 - 16:30


Day 1:
This course will introduce the fundamental principles of U.S. Copyright law and their application to practice in the film industry. Statutory provisions and leading cases will be explained and discussed that cover such core issues as originality, fixation, the idea/expression dichotomy, rights and their limitations, and ownership and transfer. Time and focus will be given as to how these various copyright issues operate in practice with respect to film production, marketing and distribution. Some comparisons will also be discussed between U.S. and European copyright law. The fundamental principle of “fair use” in U.S. copyright law will also be examined in detail and discussion will be held about how studios have adapted to consumer and fan uses of their content in the digital environment.

Day 2:
The Internet provides great opportunities but also poses significant risks to content creators. This class examines how U.S. and European copyright laws have evolved to address (or not) copyright liability on the Internet. More emphasis will be given to U.S. law than to European law but comparisons in statutory approaches and case law will be discussed. With respect to U.S. law, topics that will be covered include the concepts of secondary liability, including a discussion of the Grokster case and a detailed examination of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)and the case law that has developed around it. The DMCA law will be contrasted in particular with Article 8(3) of the EU Directive on Copyright and the Information Society and some of the national laws and case law that have emerged under Article 8(3), including the Telenor case in Denmark. Technical protection measures and anti-circumvention laws will also be addressed. Finally, the class will explore non-litigation approaches that are being undertaken by content owners—particularly film companies—to address online piracy problems.

Target Audience

Lawyers, professionals with an interest in understanding U.S. copyright law and/or the film industry and professionals with an interest in Internet related copyright law and those seeking some comparative analysis between U.S. law and European law in this cutting edge area.


Day 1:
This course aims to provide a basic understanding of the framework and key principles of U.S. copyright law. It also seeks to give participants very practical and real examples of how these principles operate and apply to the film industry.

Day 2:
Professionals with an interest in Internet related copyright law and those seeking some comparative analysis between U.S. law and European law in this cutting edge area.

Course Content

Day 1:

  • The framework and basic principles of U.S. Copyright law
  • Some of the ways U.S. copyright law differs from European copyright law
  • How copyright law impacts film production, marketing and distribution
  • How the fair use principle has adapted to the digital environment

Day 2:

  • How U.S. law applies to copyright infringement on the Internet
  • What the U.S. DMCA law is and how it functions
  • Contrasts in the European approach and U.S. approach to intermediaries and digital piracy issues
  • The multiple approaches content owners and distributors take to addressing the problems of Internet piracy


Dean Marks, Senior Legal Vice President, Intellectual Property, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. Dean Marks er ansvarlig for etablering og håndhævelse af Warner Bros’ praksis med hensyn til ophavsretlige spørgsmål, forvaltning af digitale rettigheder og beskyttelse af internetbaseret teknologi. Han arbejder særligt med ophavsret, herunder formuleringen og forvaltningen af Warner Bros’ position indenfor international IP lovgivning og medvirker ifm. søgsmål vedrørende ophavsret og beskyttelse ifm. internetbaseret teknologi.

Før sin nuværende stilling var han Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property i Time Warner Corporate Legal Department og tjente som privat rådgiver for den amerikanske regerings delegation til World Intellectual Property Organization ved vedtagelsen af WIPO-traktaterne. Dean har også arbejdet som Vice President, Retsudvalget for Time Warners europæiske public affairs-kontor i Bruxelles, Belgien, hvor han rådgav og fungerede som lobbyist i Den Europæiske Unions lovgivning med fokus på IP.

Dean modtog sin Juris Doctor-grad fra Yale Law School (1985) og fik sin bachelorgrad med udmærkelse fra Stanford University (1980).

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Datoer: 22.-23. oktober 2012, kl. 9.30 - 16.30 begge dage

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