IT Strategy Event - Championing Innovation: A case study in global IT innovation leadership

Mandag, 8. december 2014 -
15:30 til 17:30


We are pleased to be able to invite you to this executive event based on the current work at Philip Morris International and their 1,500 member IS Community.

For the launch of the second run of the IT Business Transformation Program Lime Guild and CBS Executive are pleased to invite you to an exclusive event on 8 December, 2014 from 15:30 - 17:30 at the CBS Executive Building overlooking Frederiksberg Garden, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Creative ideas were once the domain of entrepreneurs and marketing departments. Today, they must become the responsibility of every function and employee. It is time for IT to rally around the insights of the late Peter Drucker: "Every company needs one core competence - innovation." In a world with an insatiable appetite for technology breakthroughs, who better to lead the way than IT? IT has a chance to seize the opportunity and embrace the aspiration to be business partner who has significant impact on results, and leads the formulation and implementation of a coherent enterprise-wide innovation strategy and practise. During the executive event you will get a glimpse of an IT group that sees its role as global innovation catalyst and capability builder.

We have the pleasure of presenting Laszlo Gyorffy as the keynote speaker for the event. He is the Presiden of the Enterprise Development Group, an international consulting and training firm headquatered in Silicon Valley, California. For over 20 years, Laszlo has worked with organizations around the globe to expand the possible; helping them refocus, redesign, and reenergize their business strategies and innovation practices to succeed in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market place. Laszlo is an accomplished speaker and author of Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Idea, as well as the Global Innovation Science Handbook. He is a certified instructional designer and trainer and has delivered transformational programs like Innovation Advantage to client organizations such as the BBC, EDF Energy, Homeland Security, Hewlett Packard, Lam Research, Panera Bread, Phillips, PMI, Swisscom, Stanford University, and Universal Music Group, Laszlo is teaching on IT Business Transformation Program.

The event is free of charge. For planning purposes, please inform us regarding attendance no later than 1 December by signing up here.

To see more about IT Business Transformation Program please click here: IT Business Transformation Program



Laszlo Gyorffy,

President, Enterprise Development Group


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Date: 8 December from 15.30 - 17.30

Place: CBS Executive, Porcelænshaven 22, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Price: The event is free of charge. However, for planning purposes, please inform us regarding attendance no later than 1 December by signing up here. Registration will be administered on a first come, first serve basis.