Exploratory- and Context-Driven Testing (ECDT) - (4. - 6. september 2013)

Onsdag, 4. september 2013 - 9:00 til Fredag, 6. september 2013 - 17:00

Alle dage kl. 9.00 - 17.00

Who will benefit?
This 3-day couse is aimed at providing the students with basic knowledge and experience with planning and performing ET (Exploratory Testing), organizing the work and fitting the test results to the surrounding context. It starts from the context and points to different tools such as heuristics, note taking and SBTM/MTBS (Session-Based Test Management / Managing Testing Based on Sessions), to create effective and valuable testing, based on skill, thought and risks.

The course is highly interactive and packed with exercises that are always debriefed and analyzed to help the students to make their newly learned skills and tools their own.

The course can be extended with coaching activities to help the students incorporate ET in their work.

Course Objectives
The course covers the principles of CDT (Context-Driven Testing), the discipline of ET (Exploratory Testing), SBTM (Session-based Test Management) for managing the testing as well as Test Strategizing, Planning and Reporting based on Heuristics, Opportunities and Risks. It relates everything to how it works within Agile, points to different Tools and Methods that may be of service along the way and includes a perspective on how testing is fused with different needs, like 'Cover all the requirements', 'What to do with the bugs' and the impossibility of testing everything and getting effective testing done in the short time that is available.

Who will benefit?
This course is most appropriate for Testers, Test Engineers, Test Leads, Test Consultants and Test Managers.

Anybody who's ever worked as a tester or have the intention to do so, will be able to participate i this course. Delegates are however, required to bring their own LabTop PC's (not MAC or iPad's), since a lot of the training is based on real hands-on exercises run on PC).

Part objectives are…

  • Obtaining competence and skill to perform efficient Exploratory Testing
  • Distinction between checking and testing
  • Gaining gools to help in telling a precise, but compelling story of the test results so they can be used
  • Understanding how the Low-Tech Dashboard works and drives the testing
  • Identifying the context of the testing and dissolve the elements of it
  • Learning to use SBTM/MTBS (Section Based Test Management / Managing Based on Sessions) to manage testing, absorb changes and bring knowledge to the user
  • Gaining the holistic view on testing as an integrated activity in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  • Using all the above to set up a useful strategy and plan testing from it
  • Exercising how to report test results in an efficient and understandable way
  • Identifying which checks can be automated and fuse automation with manual testing
  • Incorporating testing into Agile Methodologies 

Course contents…

  • Introduction to Exploratory Testing
  • Free Style ET Exercise with note-taking and other tools
  • Directing the testing based on Heuristics, techniques and linking to Development/Acceptance
  • Guided ET exercises
  • More Heuristics
  • Colleting the information
  • Testing and debrieving exercises
  • Identifying the context
  • Strategizing and planning exercises
  • Introducing SBTM/MTBS (Section Based Test Management / Managing Based on Sessions)
  • Setting up the testing exercises
  • Handling bugs and problems - tools
  • Testlab exercise and debrief
  • Reporting - and strategizing
  • Reporting exercises
  • Real-life exercises
  • Debriefing - recapping


Henrik Andersson m.fl. (House of Test)


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Dato: 4. september til og med den 6. september 2013, kl. 09:00 - 17:00 (registrering kl. 8.30)

Sted: Hotel Lautruppark, Borupvang 2, 2750 Ballerup

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