Grow a Solid Agile Team (16 - 17 April 2015)

Torsdag, 16. april 2015 - 9:00 til Fredag, 17. april 2015 - 17:00

Both days from 9.00 - 17.00 (registration from 8.30)

If you've read any of the popular Scrum/Agile books, you'd have seen an idealized picture of a team. Between the delivery side, the product owner, and the leader or ScrumMaster, these folks self-organize and collaborate to create an endless stream of whiz-bang valuable product. It's a beautiful, compelling picture... and not an entirely realistic one.

Agile teams: where theory collides with the Real World. Agile is predicated on empowered collaborative teams. Real-world Agile teams, however experience various challenges.

Join Gil Broza and a small group (no more than 20) committed leaders. You'll come away from this 2-day packed and engaging workshop with real answers to your real world problems. Expect the workshop to be light on theory and heavy practice and pragmatism.

Participating in this workshop will help you:

  • Support your Agile team all the way from Forming to Performing
  • Build up your confidence and skills as a servant leader
  • Put team autonomy, empowerment, and self-organization in your context, and specifically who makes which decisions when
  • Develop ways to share your expectations, needs, and experience without being seen as interfering or micromanaging
  • Get through to even the most resistant people without being "touchy-feely"
  • Discover how to coach both individuals and teams to grow and practice that in a safe environment
  • Lead useful, collaborative meetings


The following topics will be covered:

  • Your role, responsibilities, and mind-set
  • Supporting the team's successful evolution
  • Powerful communication
  • Coaching individuals and teams to grow
  • Facilitating team conversations
  • Agile for the long haul; getting there and staying there

The experience you can expect

We'll work experientially: there will be no slides, thick shelfware, or fancy models with mnemonics. Most sessions will involve some teaching, a lot of group discussion, and practice in pairs or triplets. You'll practice soft skills in a safe environment, with me and with your peers, so you can use what you learn back in the office. Your take-home workshop binder contains 30 pages of checklists, self-assessment tools, concise summaries, and supplementary reading.

Who will benefit from the workshop

This workshop is particularly geared to active Lean/Agile practitioners who have the opportunity to apply what they learn here. You are expected to know the Agile basics and to have at least a couple of months' experience applying them. You don't have to be "an Agile convert"






Gil Broza, Principal Agile Mentor at 3P Vantage.

In the last 10 years alone, Gil has mentored more than 2,000 professionals. He has helped them delight their customers, ship their working software on time and rediscover their passion for their work. He has served as development manager, team leader, and programmer for 12 years, successfully applying Agile methods since 2001. Throughout his career, Gil has focused on human characteristics that prevent positive outcomes in software development teams. These include limiting habits, fear of change, outdated beliefs and blind spots. He is the author of the book The Human Side of Agile.



Praktiske forhold: 

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Dates: 16 - 17 April 2015
Place: Sankt Gertruds Stræde 5 3rd floor, 1129 Copenhagen K

Price: DKK 12.500,- excl. of VAT and incl. refreschments and workshop materials

Language: English

The workshop is in cooperation with BestBrains