Implement Business Story Method (IBSM) - (3. - 4. oktober 2013)

Torsdag, 3. oktober 2013 - 9:00 til Fredag, 4. oktober 2013 - 17:00


Course Objectives

Once in a while a new approach to developing and testing business software comes along that is so powerful, so effective and so natural a way to work for your team that you think,

'It’s so obvious, why didn’t I think of that?!'

This practical workshop and exercise based course will help you improve the definition and assurance of your software delivery and is relevant for both agile and structured development methods.

Business Story Method is an approach that ensures all stakeholders including executives, sponsors, product managers, designers, architects, business analysts, project managers, developers, testers, operations staff and users will all contribute to the finished product.

Using techniques such as specification and example, project profiling, ubiquitous language and roles & personas, the method delivers trusted stories to help design and validate the requirements as well as providing a stable framework for development and quality assurance.

Independent of your development approach, Business Story Method will help you:

  • Focus the whole project team on business goals
  • Overcome communication issues in silos in your organisational
  • Change the emphasis towards early testing of requirements
  • Use business stories to validate requirements, drive development and as a basis for tests
  • Adopt a lean approach and agile disciplines at a team level

The key benefits are increased business confidence in delivery and reduced cost of re-work.

Course Overview

In summary, the value of this course is to enable all project participants to communicate in the natural language of Business Stories:

  • Business analysts derive Business Stories from requirements to confirm they can be trusted.
  • Developers take the same stories and use them to help design their code and automatically test it
  • Test analysts take the same stories and add detail required for system and acceptance testing

Specifically, topics you will learn about include:

  • What is a business story and how is it structured
  • How business stories produce more accurate requirements, leading to reduced cost of change
  • Relationship of business stories to requirements and workflows
  • Using Roles and Personas
  • Using project profiling techniques to identify appropriate development and test approach
  • Creating a Dictionary of common terminology for Glossary Terms, Data Items and Indexing
  • Using workflows to validate stories and create acceptance tests
  • How business stories fit into both Agile and Structured projects
  • Balancing scripted and exploratory testing
  • How business stories spawn manual and automated tests
  • How test activity can be re-distributed across the project life-cycle

This course is delivered in workshop format. Course materials include all slides, exercise questions and examples of completed exercises. To support the workshop exercises, you will use the GC Story Platform software as an example of tools support. You will also receive a copy of our Business Story Pocketbook.



Susan Windsor, Garrard Consulting

Susan Windsor is a specialist in Assurance, often in troubled projects. She has been responsible for the delivery of software solutions for many years, as a service provider and as IT Manager for a Global Oil Company.

From small niche solutions through to large multi-geography/supplier programmes she has delivered testing services and consultancy as a Director of a specialist Test Consultancy and as manager of IBM’s UK Testing Services business.

Susan has spoken at many industry conferences throughout Europe. She is a Principal of Gerrard Consulting and is the programme chair for the Test Management Forum.

Praktiske forhold: 

Tilmelding: Udfyld tilmeldingsformular øverst på siden

Datoer: Den 3. og 4. oktober 2013 (2 dage), kl. 09:00 - 17:00 (registrering kl. 8.30)

Sted: Hotel Lautruppark, Borupvang 2, 2750 Ballerup

Pris: 7.480  excl. moms, men incl. kursusmaterialer, eksamen og forplejning under kurset.

Sprog: Materialer og undervisning vil være på engelsk.

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