Review by Testing: Analyzing a Specification by Testing the Product

Torsdag, 26. februar 2015 -
9:00 til 17:00

One day course


Specifications (requirements documents, user stories, functional design specs, etc.) play an important role in software projects. But that role is often misunderstood. The common myth is that a specification is written before the intended product is created, and that it is a complete and authoritative description of that product. In fact, this is almost never true. A tester can spend his entire career without seeing such a thing.

The reality is that almost all specifications are written by distracted, boored engineers- not professional communicators- who are trying to communicate things that haven't been fully thought through or agreed upon by all stakeholders. Specifications are often little more than rough sketches.

The tester stands between the product and it's spec. The tester must come to understand the spec (he does this by any means necessary, including testing the product) while simultaneously coming to understand the intent of the spec and the actual behavior of the product. What testers discover may cause changes to spec's or the product or both at once.

As participant you will be taken through a journey of hands on exploratory testing of an application wich has a simple specification. The goal will be to expereince how testing is not only a process of examining a product, but also critically analyzing (and potentially rewriting) it's specification.

James Bach is an acclaimed innovator and coach in the field of software testing. After spending a few years as a video game programmer, in 1987 he became the youngest manager at Apple Computer when, at 20, he was hired to run a test team. He has been a tester ever since. He spent about ten years managing testing in Silicon Valley, but for the last fifteen years, he has traveled the world testing the Rapid Software Testing (RST) methodology and serving as an expert witness on court cases involving software testing.

Pradeep Soundararajan started as a tester more than a decade ago and is now the CEO of Moolya, Inc. Moolya is a mobility test solutions company that solves three testing prolems for its customers - device fragmentation, quality and automation. Pradeep aims to disrupt the spece of mobility testing with Moolya. Watch him do it or be a partner in disruption.


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Registration: Please fill in the application form at the top of the page.

Time: Thursday 26 February - 09.00 - 17.00 (registration and breakfast buffet 08.00 - 09.00)

Venue: Tivoli Congress Center, Arni Magnussonsgade 2, 1577 Copenhagen V.

Fee: DKK 5.000 excl. of VAT - Breakfast buffet and lunch are included

Language: English

The course is in cooperation with PrettyGoodTesting and is part of CopenhagenContext